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V.19 Willem SCHEEPMAKER, born in 1916 in Edgewood, British Columbia (CAN)
Son of Willem SCHEEPMAKER and Jannigje AALTEN (see also IV.8)
Married at the age of 24 in 1941 in Edgewood, British Columbia (CAN)
Spouse is Antje STÿKEL, born in 1921 in Enschede
Divorced xx-10-1982
From this marriage:
1.  Shirley Jean SCHEEPMAKER, born on Wednesday August 13 1941 in Nakusp, British Columbia (CAN)
Died on Friday November 26 1943 at the age of 2
2.  Diane Lorraine SCHEEPMAKER (see also VI.55).
3.  Gloria Luella SCHEEPMAKER, born in 1953 in Edgewood, British Columbia (CAN)
4.  Monte William James SCHEEPMAKER / NN, born in 1966 in Vernon, British Columbia (CAN)

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