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V.5 Reijer Hendrik AALTEN, born on Tuesday October 16 1900 in Maarn
Son of Hendrik AALTEN (see also IV.1) and Margaretha van MAMEREN
Married at the age of 29 in 1930 in Nakusp, British Columbia (CAN)
Spouse is Edythe Eldora HILTZ, 17 years old, born in 1912 in Hosmer, British Columbia (CAN)
From this marriage:
1.  Roy Hendrik AALTEN (see also VI.18).
2.  Linden George AALTEN (see also VI.20).
3.  Lorna May AALTEN (see also VI.23).
4.  Newman Dale AALTEN (see also VI.25).
5.  Harvard Clayton AALTEN, born in 1938 in Nakusp, British Columbia (CAN)
6.  Kenneth Grant AALTEN (see also VI.29).
7.  Gloria Jean AALTEN (see also VI.32).

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