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VI.195 Catharina de GANS, born on Sunday 17 October 1897 in Amsterdam
Died on Saturday 2 April 1949 in Amsterdam at the age of 51
Daughter of Jan de GANS (see also V.91) and Antje de LANG.
Married at the age of 26 on Thursday 29 November 1923 in Amsterdam
Spouse is Arent Joachimus Neander NIJMAN, 24 years old, born on Sunday 8 October 1899 in Amsterdam
Directeur sigarenzaak
Died in 1983 in Amsterdam at the age of 83
Son of Arent Joachimus Neander NIJMAN and Maria Hendrina Sara BRUCKMANN.
From this marriage:
1.  Arend Joachim Neander NIJMAN, born in 1924 in Vorst (B)
Married at the age of 25 in 1949 in Amsterdam
Spouse is T SWART

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