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VI.193 Geertruida Margaretha de GANS, born on Thursday 29 August 1895 in Amsterdam
Died in 1972 in Alkmaar at the age of 76
Buried in 1972 in Amsterdam
Daughter of Jan de GANS (see also V.91) and Antje de LANG.
Married at the age of 31 in 1927 in Amsterdam
Spouse is Wiebe KOOIKER, 31 years old, born on Thursday 4 July 1895 in Amsterdam
Grutter, bankbeambte
Son of Jolke KOOIKER and Adriana van GILS.
From this marriage:
1.  Willy Margaretha KOOIKER, born in 1928 in Amsterdam
Married at the age of 22 in 1951 in Amsterdam
Spouse is F J L WAUTERS

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