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VI.9 Hendrik de GANS, born on Thursday 28 April 1864 at 16:00 in Amersfoort
Died on Sunday 9 October 1927 at 06:00 in Amersfoort at the age of 63
Son of Cornelis de GANS (see also V.20) and Elisabeth de VRIJ, naaister (1855).
Publication of the banns on Thursday 20 August 1896 in Amersfoort
Married at the age of 32 on Wednesday 2 September 1896 in Amersfoort
Spouse is Teunisje (Manita) van den BRINK, 30 years old, born on Monday 26 February 1866 in Amersfoort
Died in 1964 in Amersfoort at the age of 98
Daughter of Wouter van den BRINK and Gerritje KAMERBEEK.
From this marriage:
1.  Cornelia de GANS (see also VII.38).
2.  Wouter de GANS (see also VII.39).

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