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VII.33 Hendrikus de GANS, born on Monday 6 February 1893 at 08:00 in Amersfoort
Sigarenmaker (1915)
Died in 1966 in Hilversum at the age of 72
Son of Jan de GANS (see also VI.6) and Aaltje van ELDERT.
Married at the age of 22 on Saturday 10 July 1915 in Hilversum
Spouse is Jacoba de JONG, 21 years old, born on Thursday 4 January 1894 in Hilversum
Died in 1972 in Hilversum at the age of 78
Daughter of Jacob de JONG and Klazina BEUK.
From this marriage:
1.  Klazina de GANS, born in 1918 in Hilversum
Died in 1976 in Hilversum at the age of 58
Buried in Hilversum
Partner is Jan KOSTER, born in 1911
Died in 1980 at the age of 68
Buried in Hilversum
2.  Aaltje Elisabeth de GANS (see also VIII.67).
3.  J de GANS
Partner is Pietje Geertrui JOB, born in 1925 in Amsterdam
Died in 2000 at the age of 75
Cremated in 2000

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