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IV.1 Hendrik AALTEN, born on Saturday June 21 1873 in Zeist
Koetsier (1898)
Died on Friday December 22 1939 at the age of 66
Son of Reijer AALTEN (see also III.1) and Willemijntje van NIEUWENHUIZEN
Married (1) at the age of 24 on Thursday March 10 1898 in Zoelen
Spouse is Margaretha van MAMEREN, born circa 1865 in Avezaath
Died on Monday July 7 1902 in Maarn
Divorced after 7 years on Wednesday June 21 1905
Married (2) at the age of 29 on Thursday November 27 1902 in Leersum
Spouse is Willemijntje Sara Gijsberta Adriana van MANEN, born circa 1880 in Leersum
Divorced xx-xx-xxxx
Married (3) at the age of 33 on Wednesday April 10 1907 in Valburg
Spouse is Gerritje HERMSEN, 27 years old, born on Saturday December 13 1879 in Valburg
Died on Sunday December 25 1960 at the age of 81
From the first marriage:
1.  Willemijntje Elsje (Minnie) AALTEN (see also V.2).
2.  Elsje Reijertje Gerritje Janna AALTEN (see also V.4).
3.  Reijer Hendrik AALTEN (see also V.5).
4.  'n Levenloos geboren zoon AALTEN, born on Thursday October 10 1901 in Maarn
Died on Thursday October 10 1901 in Maarn, 0 days old
From the third marriage:
5.  Hendrina Helena Christine AALTEN (see also V.9).

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